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League Table Boys u13 Grp C

Merville United21106424
Boyle Celtic11004043
St Johns201126-41
Strand Celtic00000000
Manorhamilton Rangers00000000
Carrick Green00000000
Ballisodare United00000000
Ballygawley Celtic00000000
Carrick Blue100124-20

Boys u13 Grp C
12:30St Johns 2vs2Merville United More
10:00Boyle Celtic 4vs0St Johns More
11:00Merville United 4vs2Carrick Blue More
10:00Ballisodare United vsMerville United More
11:30Carrick Green vsManorhamilton Rangers More
13:00Carrick Blue vsStrand Celtic More
14:00Ballygawley Celtic vsBoyle Celtic More
19:00St Johns vsBallygawley Celtic More
Ballisodare United vsBallygawley Celtic More
Ballisodare United vsBoyle Celtic More
Ballisodare United vsCarrick Blue More
Ballisodare United vsCarrick Green More
Ballygawley Celtic vsCarrick Green More
Ballygawley Celtic vsMerville United More
Ballygawley Celtic vsStrand Celtic More
Boyle Celtic vsCarrick Blue More
Boyle Celtic vsManorhamilton Rangers More
Boyle Celtic vsMerville United More
Carrick Blue vsBallygawley Celtic More
Carrick Blue vsCarrick Green More
Carrick Blue vsManorhamilton Rangers More
Carrick Green vsBoyle Celtic More
Carrick Green vsMerville United More
Carrick Green vsStrand Celtic More
Manorhamilton Rangers vsBallisodare United More
Manorhamilton Rangers vsBallygawley Celtic More
Manorhamilton Rangers vsSt Johns More
Merville United vsManorhamilton Rangers More
Merville United vsStrand Celtic More
St Johns vsBallisodare United More
St Johns vsCarrick Blue More
St Johns vsCarrick Green More
Strand Celtic vsBallisodare United More
Strand Celtic vsBoyle Celtic More
Strand Celtic vsManorhamilton Rangers More
Strand Celtic vsSt Johns More

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