Latest Updates Return to PLay Guidelines   13/11/2021

The Football Association of Ireland has today issued updated Safer Return to Grassroots Training & Play Protocols following the recent changes to the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines around indoor sports.

5th Nov 2021

Under the new FAI Protocols, indoor matches/games can return with no restrictions on numbers and no vaccination requirements for adult and under 18 players.

Indoor training and all other activities/programmes for all ages however can only feature mixed immunity status players in pods of six, excluding adult coaches/instructors. Multiple pods will be permissible subject to protective measures.

For all players under 18 years of age, the current ‘pod of six’ system can be adjusted to allow for indoor games and competition activities according to the laws of the game. The ‘pod of six’ system should be retained for all other settings such as training activities.

The full use of dressing rooms and showers is now permitted where all individuals are fully vaccinated. Where individuals have mixed immunity status, the use of these facilities should be pod based.

The FAI again urges all players, coaches, match officials and volunteers to practise safe personal hygiene to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

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